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Enhanced Edits

Photo Edits


All Prints & edited files ordered will be edited with simple edits free of charge. By simple edits, we mean they are color corrected & minor blemishes are smoothed.


Theses "simple edits" do not include the following edits:

Removing braces

Extreme amounts of blemishes

Removing objects from photo's

Merging photo's

Changing objects in photo's (color's, signs, people, etc)


Depending on the photo, we can do many of the edits above however there will be an extra charge for those types of edits. The cost will vary depending on the amount of time it takes to do the desired edit. Please contact us for pricing. The minimum charge will be $5 per photo.


Each photo has a unique file number when ordering and each one counts as one. Example 23 and 23a although they are the same print with different edits still count as 2 separate files.